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PRAÇA DAS REDES | 16 de dezembro 2020 | INFO EPALE

EPALE discussion: Basic Skills Provision in Prisons 
Make the most of EPALE by logging into your account. This will allow you to rate and comment on content, and it will give you access to our full range of features. Dear EPALE colleagues, we are pleased to announce that on 17 December 2020 from 2 pm to 4 pm (CET) EPALE is hosting an online discussion that will address basic skills provision in prisons to elaborate on its potentials to support the social inclusion of adults in prisons.The discussion will have a brand new live streaming format with international experts who will share their experiences in the theme. Our guest speakers will be James King (Head of Learning & Skills from the Scottish Prison Service and new Secretary of the European Prison Education Association) and Maria Toia (EBSN’s expert in adult education and pedagogy).►Join the discussion and post your comments and questions for our experts here! EPALE’s Latest ContentHow digital arts can contribute to the social inclusion of elderly people (EN)Elderly people affected by dementia and other degenerative brain diseases can benefit from innovative practices, and the training of professionals is essential now more than ever.Social inclusion of the ageing population: summary of the discussion’s contributions (EN, SK, ES, CS, LV, ME)During the online discussion on the social inclusion of the ageing population and intergenerational learning EPALE hosted lots of interesting and relevant contributions from its community. Let’s have a look on what happened!EPALE OER collection and MOOC on Introduction to Adult Numeracy Training (EN, DE, ES, HU, SV, EL, ME)Although numeracy has always been an essential element in basic skills training programs, it is often not in the forefront for basic skills policies and practice. Therefore, our OER collection and MOOC made in collaboration with the European Basic Skills Network will aim to provide an introduction to adult numeracy training.EPALE interviews: Graciela Sbertoli – European Basic Skills Network (EN, ES, EL, DE) We talked with Graciela Sbertoli, General Secretary of the European Basic Skills Network, about how the adult learning provision sector is reacting to the current pandemic.Mining Memories. Mobile programmes for senior citizens (EN, DE)How can culture be brought to the elderly? Anja Hoffmann reports from the LWL Industrial Museum on how museums are managing the interplay between memory, imparting knowledge, and accessibility. Make the most of EPALE by logging into your account. This will allow you to rate and comment on content, and it will give you access to our full range of features.

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